Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Project #13 Collaboration

For my group, Google Docs played a large role in how we communicated before we got together to film our videos.

For Project #15, I made a document with the lesson plan we were going to use and shared it with my partner. From there, she read it over and decided what she liked and didn't like, and we edited things out and put some new things in. As far as meeting up, we emailed each other through our Gmail accounts to establish the best dates for each of us. It helped to be able use Google Docs to collaborate. It cut down a lot of time when meeting because we already had our plan.

While working on Project #16, our contest video, we used Dropbox to gather pictures for the slideshow. We also each compiled a list of reliable sources as far as the facts went that we used. For this, we also used Google Docs. I was able to make a list of sources and share it with my partner. She was able to do the same with me. In my opinion, this helped us so much. We could get all of the "busy work" of our projects done so that when we met up, all we had to do was record our videos.

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