Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4K November

For November, the first blog I received was that of an 8th grader named Elizabeth. She is in Mr. Boylen's class. The latest blog post Elizabeth had was called "Summer of the Monkeys." She spoke about the subject of the book. According to Elizabeth, the book was hard for her to read because it started off slow. She said that she liked the book because the things that happened in it wouldn't happen in the real world. My comment to Elizabeth expressed how I have a hard time getting into books that start slow as well. With that being said, I told her that usually if you stick with it, they turn out to be really good. I also told her that it seemed like she was reading a fiction novel since the things happening wouldn't happen in reality. My favorite novels are those that are fiction, so I let her know that!
Napolean Bonaparte
The second blog that I was assigned to was of a girl named Abigail; she writes this blog about World History. In the most recent post, Abigail wrote about the wives of Napoleon Bonaparte post-divorce. Abigail shared that Napoleon hunted for a wife soon after the divorce because he was desperate for an heir. He wanted one woman, but she refused, so he moved on to the archduchess of Austria, Marie Louise. He eventually married her and had a son before being banished to the island of Elba after losing a war with the Allies. In my comment, I let Abigail know that she did a wonderful job on the post. It was very detailed and informative. I also told her that I was a history major and that European History was my favorite. I loved her post, so I told her to keep up the good work!

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