Saturday, December 1, 2012

Blog Post #13

Back to the Future and A Vision of Students Today
Computer screen
In these two videos, technology in today's society is discussed differently. In the first video, Back to the Future, you see that the teacher Brian Crosby teaches his students using a multitude of different types of technology. He shows that you can teach children from any background and bring them together using awesome techniques. Each student in his class is able to use their own laptop. This allows for each child to get the time that they need to learn; they are also allowed to each keep up their own blogs. These blogs talk about what they are learning and to share that with others.

The second video affected me a little more so than the first. Though the first video was quite interesting, the second video, A Vision of Students Today, made me think about my college life. I can agree with most of what was said. I've bought books that I've never used, spent more time on Facebook than doing research, and will be in debt until who knows when.

As an aspiring teacher, I hope that I never have to make my students endure this. I don't want to stick my students in a room and make them bored. I want them to be engaged, so they forget about Facebook. I want to have tools that we use daily and that are interactive, not just dusty books sitting around useless. Students should be submerged in what they are learning, and I want them to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, students in today's education system have to go through this. Classes are boring, and you don't learn anything. You only memorize things for the test and forget them later. Hopefully, I can change that. I want to actively teach and watch my children learn!

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