Friday, November 9, 2012

Comments for Teachers #3

Karl Fisch: The Fischbowl

The teacher I was assigned to for this Comments for Teachers was Karl Fisch. He has been teaching for twenty three years in Colorado. In this post, Fisch spoke about how he felt towards political debates and presidential candidates. He did so in an unbiased manner, without putting either candidate down. Fisch said that a debate wasn't a good way to pick a president because it doesn't have anything to do with how they make decisions. For example, the candidates cannot use notes; Karl Fisch said that we would never want our president to make a decision without consulting advisers or notes. According to Fisch, the candidates need to stop trying to win and start having a real discussion.

The comment I left for Mr. Fisch told him that I agreed with him 100%. I informed Fisch that I usually stay out of politics because it tends to all boil down to lies. I feel that the candidates should stop trying to one up each other; they need to focus on what they are going to do for our country and how they are going to do it. Also, I told Mr. Fisch that I felt the media was having a time focusing on who "won" each debate. In my opinion, no one cares who "won" or who lost; if they cannot tell us what they will do to benefit our country, winning will not matter.

The second post I read from Mr. Fisch was entitled "Backwards!" In this post, he linked many different resources, from articles to videos, and spoke a little about each of them. These resources were not based on education at all, but after reading/watching them, Fisch questioned them in accordance to education. For example, one article was from, and it was about how Tesla is trying to revolutionize cars and their dealerships. They want their stores to be different than other dealerships; they want them to function differently. Karl Fisch asks "Should our schools be intentionally different?" He also asks if we can even change our schools or if we are stuck with what we have.

In my comment to Fisch, I agreed with the questions he was asking regarding education. I informed him that I would soon be an educator and that I really hoped that our schools are capable of change. With that being said, I told Mr. Fisch that I knew change could not happen over night, but we are able to do it. It has to start with the individual teacher before it can progress any further. I expressed my concern that some teachers today keep us from moving forward because they refuse to learn about new technology, and they also refuse to vary their teaching strategies, regardless of whether or not the children are learning. I thanked Mr. Karl Fisch for posting this, and I let him know that the post was interestingly put together.

If you would like to check out Karl Fisch's blog, The Fisch Bowl, you can find the link here! I highly recommend it!

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