Thursday, November 8, 2012

Comments for Kids: October Summary

I received a blog written by a 4th grader from New York. This student wrote about the similarities and differences in cats and dogs. They spoke about how dogs need a leash, but cats do not. Also, one of their similarities were that both animals need love! In my comment, I told them how much I loved reading their post and that they did a great job. It is awesome to see young children learning about blogs and how to create them!

My second C4K was from a blog written from a girl's school with grades between 10th and 12th. The author wrote about the pros and cons of outsourcing and insourcing when it comes to business. They spoke about how while outsourcing can save money, insourcing helps create jobs here in our country. I commented and agreed with them. I let them now that they did a great job being informative on both sides of the issue. I told them that I supported insourcing more because it helped our country while we are in such hard economic times. I asked them if they agreed that circulation of money through our government is more beneficial to us because that is how I feel. I hope to hear back from them soon!

Third, I received the blog of a little boy named Alex, who is in 5th grade. He wrote about a trip he took with his family to Scottsdale Resort in Texas. They stopped for food before going to the hotel; once they got there, they couldn't get into their room, so they had to get a locksmith. They had even more trouble inside because their shower didn't work! After the maintenance man came to check it out, they were moved to another room. I told Alex that he used great words to describe his trip, and I also told him that I hoped that was the last of their troubles! I asked Alex if Texas was the only place they visited before I let him know that he did a great job on his post.

Next, I was assigned to the blog of a second grader named John Robert; he is in Miss Mac's class in Birmingham, AL. His latest blog post was about sharks. In this post, he including a picture of a shark with the following question posted above: "Did you know that sharks can grow over 1900 teeth?" He also said that sharks had powerful jaws, and that he liked them. In my comment, I told John Robert that I couldn't imagine humans having so many teeth; we would all look silly! I told him that he did a great job on his post, and that is was really interesting!

The fifth blog I was assigned to was called Vitulli & Santoli: Eyes on Ireland. This blog is written by Dr. Vitulli and Dr. Santolli while they are participating in the Ireland International Conference on Education. In the post I was given, they described the hotel in which they were staying. It was entitled "Home Away From Home." They spoke about the building being repurposed and how, upon inquiring, they learned that is used to be a school for female orphans. I commented and thanked them for sharing their journey with us; I also told them that I was happy to learn about the history of the building since I am a history major. I always find such things interesting!

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