Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blog Post #12

As I am a secondary education major concentrating in History, I chose to talk about American government. Here are the instructions I would give my students: Think about our country's government. Read the article What is a Democracy? Do you feel that today's government and election process reflects the "one person, one vote" ideal of a democracy? Why, or why not?
We The People
My response is as follows: I think that today's government has strayed from the original thoughts of what a democracy is. In Greece, one person had one say so. Now, we have representatives that have the say so for us. I think that the Electoral College does not equally represent the people like it should. Today, if the majority of the votes swing Republican or Democrat, the winning party gets all of that state's electoral votes. In my opinion, it should be permitted in all states that electoral votes can be split, depending on how the vote goes in the state. I think that having "swing states" hurts the possibility of other states having much say at all. For example, this past election was already decided before Alaska's polls even closed. I think that the system we have today has definitely gone astray from democratic ideas, though I am not sure that we can do anything about that.


  1. Hi Brittany,

    I think this is a good assignment. You followed the instructions well, but I think it could have been better if you incorporated technology into your post so it would be relevant to the class.

    Stephen Akins

  2. This assignment is good, but I have to agree with Steven. We as future educators must incorporate technology into our teaching. Remember if the students don't get it from us where will they get it?

  3. Hey Brittany,

    You created a very creative assignment for your future students. It was very thoughtful and motivating. However, I do agree with both Byronn and Stephen, in that I believe you could incorporate more technology into their assignment. For example, you could include a motivational video on encouraging students to vote, or you could even post a clip of what happened in this years presidential election. Just a few thoughts.

    Keep up the hard work! We're almost done! :)

    Amy Archer