Saturday, October 13, 2012

C4K #1 Summary for September

Third Grade

Mr. Capp's Third Grade Math Class

My first C4K post was on a 3rd grade math class's blog. Mr. Capps keeps up the blog with all of the activities they do as a group. In this particular post, he talked about a game they called "Close to 100." The children were given a selection of one digit numbers. They were to choose two numbers to pair together to make a large number. For instance, if they had a 6 and a 1, they could make 61. They would choose among their other numbers to try to make something that would add to 61, and come as close to 100 as possible. This taught his students place value, along with addition and subtraction. The kids seemed to love this game, and it kept them very involved!
New Zealand

Charlee's Blog

The next C4K post I was assigned to was that of a young girl named Charlee. She goes to school in Auckland, New Zealand and is in her 5th year. She made a video about the gymnast Nadia Comaneci telling everyone a little about her. Charlee seemed very interested in the subject, and she did a great job on her video!

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