Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Post #4

The first podcast that I read about and listened to was one about children learning to speak in Hebrew and also learning how to write a script. I was fascinated to learn that you have to use a word more than 70 times in the correct context before it becomes a natural word in your vocabulary! These children worked hard to learn Hebrew so that they could retell the story of Purim, a Jewish festival. After recording lines from each child (out of order), they learned how to take each of their lines and put them in order using a tool called Garageband and their SMART Board. This helped the children learn about editing, putting a script together, and also about working together as a team. If you would like to view that podcast yourself, feel free to click here.

The next podcast I read and listened to was about a first grade class creating mock interviews between the characters of the book Vacation Under the Volcano. Each child took turns between being the interviewer, Jack, and Annie. Listening to them on the podcast was great! You can really tell that they loved being involved in such a cool activity! The teacher did a wonderful job including everyone and teaching them to take turns among themselves. Being able to record and playback right there for the children helped them decide if they liked what they were hearing. If not, they could record again, and this helped with their oral fluency. It is so great to see technology help children become better readers! Click here if you are interested in listening to these wonderful children!

Finally, I read/listened to the podcast about the book Flat Stanley. These six year old children decided after reading the book, that they too would like to do something similar to what happened to Stanley. They would be "mailed" to a location of their choosing and learn about that place. The children were instructed to check out a library book about their destination. After learning all of this, in the podcast, they talked about the different places they went as "flat" children. It was fun to listen to how enthusiastic these children were about this project! They were so creative and had created imaginative stories. I love that projects like this encourage children to use their imagination and make original stories for all of us to listen to! Please take a moment, and click here to listen to their stories!


  1. Brittany, you did a great job summarizing each article you read and each video you watched. Each of your summaries gave a vivid idea of what particular topic was about and what the main focus of the work was on. I found no grammatical or spelling errors in your work. I read a little bit of your "About Me" section as well. We're both going into secondary education and I thought that was awesome. Overall, your post was correct and done properly. I did, however, think you could have elaborated more on your opinions about each individual topic: if you agreed with the teaching approach, etc. Keep up the good work.

  2. You should start organizing your blog post with subtitles. I didn't know what your first paragraph was about until I pressed the "Click Here" link at the very end of the paragraph. The "Click Here" is a little unprofessional as well. For reference, check other classmates' blogs.

  3. Your title modifier needs to be the source. The source of the image should appear when the mouse is hovered over the image on your blog.